The sweet shining light
that burns within
why does it dim
maybe it’s like asking the sun
why does it set

Where does all the exuberance go
that was here a while ago
now the quiet staggers in
and just a little bashful

In this strange quietness there’s noise
sounds the ears don’t understand
a befuddled mind
sits on the side
wistfully watching the traffic go by

On the surface all lives are lived fully
just as fav trinkets sit on the mantle
a little tilted
our lives too
have a unique trajectory

In all my years
the thing I’ve learnt is that
joy and sorrow are inherently dismal
they clasp hands
and are the best of friends

Neither have I ever fully embraced joy
nor ever made a pact with grief
yet just as nails and cuticles
bind together
they live in me and I in them

Maybe the soul within us all
is two-faced
neither dark nor light
but a shade of white
a place in-between where the twain must meet…

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