I have taken a pledge today that from today onwards I shall never reply or have any ill will towards any individual who says to me harsh words or behave in an unkind manner with me .
I shall just listen to the person and maintain silence onwards .

Why I have decided to take such a pledge ?

1. What will I get by replying to the person who is not sensitive enough to realize the impact of words coming out of his mouth ?

2. There are chances that the person is being harsh due to some of my bad behavior lately or in past long ago.

3. Some people are harsh and speak rudely . It’s a truth that I have realized. So there is just no need to correct them .

4. Once I have not replied to the person saying anything to me ,the matter ended there .

5. Help me keep my emotionally calm and much relaxed .

6. It’s about following the principle of compassion towards others and not Revenge .
It’s a fact that only love can conquer hate and tolerance can win over rudeness.

7. ACCEPTING a person with his bad behavior is key to realizing that there are just no perfect person in this world who will love you and say only ear pleasing words to you .

8. It helps make me develop trait of Tolerance and emotional resilience.

As a person thinks, speaks ,behaves with others in the world , he will get exactly the same kind of words , thoughts and relationships in return sooner or later in this birth or next .
As an individual I should try improving myself and keep practicing introspection with regularity .

Compassion or Karuna is very essential to live a joyous life because as a human being its my duty to accept all the harsh words , negative thoughts and rude behavior and in return speak with calmness and behave in gentle manner with kindness with all . Now this trait of returning love for hate needs development of Qualities of Tolerance , discipline, regular prayer to God and lastly realizing that in this life a human being is a living God walking and if one is not able to behave well with a human being there is just not much benefit from dry spritual practice.

Love All , Feed All , Serve All – said Neem karoli Baba .

Swami Vivekanand said , “This World is a Gymnasium and We have come in this World to make ourselves Strong”.

I think the development of strength which swamiji is talking about is having a Good Character and Virtues of Non Violence, Truth and Compassion.

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