Ever wondered how much eyes tell?

It is actually much more than what the conscious mind can process.

Eyes tell stories.
Eyes read stories.
Even the ones hidden.

No need for words.

I sometimes wonder, Can we communicate better when we dont talk?

Only if we bother to look, pay attention and try to understand , do eyes reveal the depth and vastness of wisdom that is hidden in them.

Eyes are very much like oceans.

Here is a poem on Eyes and Oceans.

Eyes are like oceans,
hold many treasures and tales
found only when searched.

Tears, held back by eyes,
just like ocean waves,
being pushed forward, drawn back.

Eyes, oceans, in beautiful
blue, glamorous green ,
mysterious black.

Times when quakes happen,
tsunamis are delivered

Passing clouds, thoughts , set
the mood of tide, high or low
peaceful or stormy.

Eyes and oceans are
wide, deep, lovely, expressive,
lively, impressive.

Eyes are like oceans,
hold many treasures and tales

Found only when searched…