Where are you my dear Aarohi ?

You are my very good friend

I had not only read all your posts

But also commented to all your posts

You too commented on all my posts 

I remember you had written wonderful poems for swamiji

I liked those poems so much 

Do you remember how we had started

रेल गाडि रेल गाडि झुक झुक झुक 💕

रेल गाडि रेल गाडि टुक टुक टुक 💕

रेल गाडि रेल गाडि रूक रूक रूक 💕

रेल गाडि रेल गाडि शुक शुक शुक 💕

You had written beautiful posts dear

You had put your beautiful photo with long hairs

And your nickname was Ruhi

Your name and my name started with same letter A

Yesterday only you had asked me Shall I write more poems Amruta ?

How beautifully you played Holi with us

And today suddenly you left

You made me habit to listen Sufi songs

I miss you Aarohi

Come Back Aarohi

This song is for you ❤️❤️

Hope you will like

YouTube video

Take Care 

Best of luck

With Love