आए टिचर जी , आए टिचर जी
देखो देखो … आए टिचर जी

हाथ में छडि नहिं , गुलदस्ता लेकर
आए टिचर जी …

इनकी क्लास है अद्भुत
सिखाते है जीवन का पाठ नया रोज
कविताएं है इनकी बडि रूहानी
देती है संदेस जग को न्यारी

A Note On Love लिखकर
Express कि love कि defination अनोखी
The Gifts of Solitude देते है ये शाबाशकी
A Seeker’s Song है इनका favorite
At The End… of class बोलते है ये Let Go Ego…
कहते है Take Rest for Mental Health
A Simple Life है इनकी लुभानी
इनका फंडा है A Life Without Attachment is necessary for Journey to Self-discovery .
His Life is Devoted to Truth In Loneliness…
कहते रहते है ये Understanding The Mind , Understanding Disorder 
इनकी life definition is Mind = Maya
His favorite topics are , The Principle of Acceptance , The Principle of Letting Go
He has learn so much in An Experience in Chanting
टिचर जी is Full Heart, Empty Mind
I learnt lot from his A Lesson in Faith
I don’t want to miss Morning prayer A Prayer in Truth
In exam he will ask question about – What Is The Best Life According To You? 
And will teach A Lesson in Humility
The Essence of Diwali is my favorite combo
Love Is… explained in A love song
He says Biases That Blind Us
He ask question in class Are you a good listener?
My Death is his Near Death Experience

तो ऐसी चलती रहती है इनकी क्लास निराली
मुझे तो लगती है इनकी क्लास बडि सयानी 

Alok , this poem I want to dedicate to you 🙂 Stay Bless , Stay Happy , Stay Tune 🙏