She is an Animal Lover 🐿️
She is a Book Reader 📚
She is Beauty with Brain 👸
She is Other’s Life Saviour 👩‍🚒
She is Very Kind Soul 🦋
She is Darling in Nature ☘️
She is My Best Friend 👭
She is Beautiful Angel 💫
Her Name is Chandrika ❤️❤️

Her Mantra of life is Feed Others Before You Feed Yourself 🙂
Feeding an animal is like feeding her own soul 😇🙏
She is very Kind and under her Guru’s Blessings 🙇🙇
She had A Start-Up From Scratch with Mr. G 🤝 She Failed..She Smile..She Succeed 👏👏
She loves Digital Library 📚
She has done Master in Namopathy 👩‍🎓
A panacea that cured her is The Power of Mantra⚡
She says Breathing and mind are interrelated 🌀
Based on Om Swamiji’s teachings sometimes she takes Quiz Time 🤓
She has taken great efforts to save a native tree 🌳
With her Kindness she changed A Stray Pup’s Fate 🐶
She saw Triangle in Meditation while doing Nav Durga Sadhana 🌠
She also done some Secret Mission 🤔
She shared her experience When she Became Divine for a Day…💫
She sent Thank you email to a stranger who introduced her to Om Swamiji’s teachings🌷
Her ‘Sankalpa’ of not only planting but also survival of 1000 trees per year 🙏🙏
One day she took me her home and shown me Her Childhood Passion OMG !! 2500 matchbox covers collection👍
I saw Gardening with Growing organic vegetables in her balcony 🍒
She shared her first experience to meditate in Nauni Himalayas 😇
She not only told me A unique way to stay fit but also shared some healthy recepies with me 👩‍🍳
I saw A glimpse of Traditional Embroideries of India in her home ⚛️
Wow !! She gifted me Flowers from Himalayas 🌻🌻
I got to know some simple Vastu tips from her 🏠
She told me one day her bus was not there! and how she found it in a funny way 🤣🤣
She use Black Lotus App in her mobile 📱
She surve me Appam with Chutney 🍡 I wanted to share with her but she was in a dilemma To Eat or Not? 😉
She shown me Chamba Rumal – A rumal (handkerchief) of thousands of rupees 🔯
She gave me Tips for keeping skin soft 👧
She taught me how to do Navratri Special Halwa with Bottle gourd and cashew-nuts 🎂
She shared Funny incidence when she was in a library for Selection of a book 😀
She shared her travel journey to A Trip to Jain Temple, Tijara ✈️
She gave me big surprised by offering 5k Gift voucher 💰
Pink City of India Jaipur is her Favorite City 💖
Diwali is Festival of Smile for her she expressed Gratitude to Parivar A BIG thank you! 💛💛
I want to learn 3D Photocopy from her 📸
When she made a mistake her Extraordinary Father helped her ✍️
She has done Teachers Training Course A course that brings the positive change in her 🌈
She like to give A book as a Gift for a Good Friend 🎁
She shown me An SMS from मिस्टर चिंकी that she still remember…which had created A high voltage family drama 🎟️ which was A funny incident from her tensed life 🎈🎈
When she plan First Visit to Shri Badrika Ashram God smiles 🙂
When she Reached Late in Ashram And main door was locked 🚪
After meeting to OM Swamiji She got Tiny Wings of Transformation 🦋
I went in koma when recently she message me she donated her Dazzling valuable golden bangles 💫💫 and I replied एक Simple सी Wish तेरे संग एक coffee हो जाए 🍮

I want to say her Je t’aime my dear Chandrika ❤️❤️ I want to dedicate this poem to you 🙏🙏💝 Always be like as you are 😘😘 You are very Sweet , Kind and Wonderful person 🌷🌷 I want to dedicate my favorito चिकनी चमेली song to you 🤗🤗😉😍😍 lots of love and best wishes to you dear 💚💛💜💖💝💙❤️❤️

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