Long are the years

burdened and lonesome

for some.

Quiet are the days

of little meaning or hope

to many.

Then there’s the lost and the fallen

in a deep pit

of their choices.

The sick and the dying

of little consequence their woes.

Is there anyone

anyone at all standing, I wonder…

Is it ascension we seek

a higher God

a silent mind

a tranquil one, perhaps.

And if so

have we learnt His language, yet.

It’s a difficult conversation to hold

For I hear Him

but I understand Him not.

Do you, does anyone at all


Where, where in the name of God

is He leading us all.

Smiling at my silliness, He says

Oh child, come on now

who do you think

is cleaning your mess.

And so, we love our Gods

How can we not

He is the atom of our atom

soul of our soul

He’s the light inset

in the ring of our hearts

How can we love Him not…

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