He is not Hritik Roshan
He is Hritik from BETTIAH 😉
करता है वो बातें Spiritual 👍
लिखता है पोस्टस् Awesome 👌
He is very Sincere 🤓
He is very Auspicious 🙃
वो है मीरा जीं का भतीजा Cute सा 👱
स्वामीजी और हम सबका बिट्टू प्यारा
ओय बिट्टू बिट्टू ओय…
तेरे लिये लिख रहि हूं मैं कविता
पढ़ ले ओय ..💛💛

I have rejected certificate बोलकर उसने मारी entry जबरदस्त 🤠
Swamiji के fan club पता नहिं ढूंढा इसने कहां से 🤔
पढ़कर पोस्ट सबके I wonder how come I didn’t write a single post there 🤔
सबके पोस्ट पढ़कर I became very emotional 🤗
मन से किया सबको अभिवादन 🙇
OMG !! इसकी My book list देखकर my eyes got rotated in 360 degree 🕧
Sorry dear I didn’t read a single from them 🙏
Is Osho is his favorite one ? 🤔
I dont know but I think he loves Shakespeare 💕
I learnt 90 days of Web developement training from him …For that very very Thanks to him 🤗
He is very good Poet 🙂
He can write A poem On anything 😎
His Hairstyle poem is my best 🐓
He says Every bird is beautiful until cage 🕊️
I didnt undesrstood Rant, Mr. Hritik.Episodes but I loved Zen Writing The art of mindless writing! 😇

Hritik My Dear

As you said in your poem ,

All friends grew up,
I remained the same,
A childish heart,
Throbbing within,
But pretending serious without.

Always be like sweet little Kid as you are ☺️
I am big fan of your poems 😊 …keep sharing more with us 😃 …May be next on stylish shoes or on laughing face ☺️ whatever it will be Best !!👍 Thank you so much for your wonderful presence 😇 please don’t be absent 🙂 Best of luck to you …Have a wonderful creation 💛💛❤️❤️

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