He is sitting in front of me , but I can’t see Him , for his chair is very high , I can only gaze up. 

Its infinitely long , I can never comprehend its height , I can’t reach Him , so i close my eyes and imagine his glory .

Look! He has come down for me, He raises His hands and asks , “do you also wanna climp up?”

I say ,” UP has come down with you” , plus I could never hold His pure hands with mine , dirty and diseased 

So I say , I don’t want anything , just tell me what to do and I’ll do it . 

I’ll do what you want me to , I’ll want what you want me to want .so He just smiles and stays silent .

I am confused ! Is He giving me an answer ? Is He waiting for me to be ready ? Or…

I then open my eyes , find Him still up so so high . I feel the roots coming up , binding me and taking me down , back to soil . 

I hope , I hope , I hope

I always remember him .

For His memory is the happiness I need

longing for Him is the pain I love .