After going through the wonderful Sleep blog of revered Swamiji this morning, I was feeling sleepy in the office 😉 . Actually attending office on Saturday is a punishment that to when your organization is working at 50 percent strength thanks to Second wave of COVID 19 Pandemic. Then suddenly the following thoughts came to my mind and just flowed from the keyboard with all his blessings…

Can you see the beauty of Nature?

Or are you busy in your own world…

Do you have any time to stand and stare

Or always run around with fanfare?

Life is full of uncertainty

You never know when you brake the treaty.

The more away you are from nature

The more you will suffer in future

What was the last time you heard the birds chirping?

What was the last time you saw the sun rising?

What was the last time you felt humbled by the vastness of the sea?

What was the last time you did not bother for your car key? 😉

What was the last time you drenched yourself in the rain?

What was the last time you felt others’ pain?

What was the last time you dirtied your hand in soil?

What was the last time you did not boil? 😉

If you are struggling to remember answer to these questions,

Better shut down the gadgets and begin introspecting.

What are you doing with your life?

Waking up let into the night to watch Netflix?

It is very high time you break the jinx.

Perform your dharma and karma,

But not at the cost of bhav and prema.

Make a contract with yourself,

Nature has made you and you need her help.

Care about the tiny creatures around you,

Don’t think as supreme creation and anything you can do.

You are less than a speck of dust in front of Mother Nature,

When will you understand this and become mature?

Reflect, Realize, Release, Respond and be Responsible

Else you will be left with no home so reliable…


Thank you all for reading the blog. Jai Shri Hari. Waiting for 06-06-2021, 7:30 IST. Hope my Wi-Fi does not goof up 😉

PS: The Photo in the Featured Image was clicked by me. The adorable cat was the one who gave company to Sahil entire last year when he was all alone at home due to lockdown of schools.