वो है सबकी प्यारी मुनमुन
मत समझना उसको टुनटुन
करती रहती है वो गुनगुन
लिख रहि हूं मैं कविता उसके लिए
शब्दों को चुनचुन …
ओ मेरी प्यारी सुनसुन …❤️❤️

I had read her first post about Money and Housewives –  An incident which changed her perception about money
She feel Shattered hopes about Social pressure of getting married is ruining dreams .
She think In India we judge people so easily so Be Responsible .
She ask Do You Carry the Guilt?
In her point of view We are so used to comparison that we forget the originality .
She shared An incident which made me think about our behaviour .
Sometimes she ask to him तुमने मुझे क्यों चुना ? and she knows that He Knows Everything .
For her Life is a Blessing .
She celebrate Happy Birthday to her Lord with Bhakti and Songs .
She love to sing for her Kanha ❤️
She says Kindness can be Learnt .
She shared her friend story and she ask about her क्या बिगाड़ा था मैंने ?
She helped me lot to Normalise Menstruation
She shared how she took sleep for granted and then sleep took her health for granted…
With immense deep feeling वो बोलती है , मैं तुम्हारा प्यार चाहती हूँ .
She is Almost There ❤️
For her Sorry is powerful for Apology
उसे प्यार करने से डर लगता है but she gave hug to people of this community .
She asked me What’s more important? Money or Freedom .
She feel greatful when she visited Auschwitz , Andaman .
One day she killed a fly and she thought she did something right .
She challenged Guru Toons by Living in Present Moment .
She says ढूंढ लाओ इश्क वाला लव ❤️
She shared A conversation in Anger Giving up I quit She think what option she had ? No is super power for her and then she says Everything is fine .
She is Dog Tommy lover .
She like Judging others .
Life is not always fair for her
She told story of her cousin’s Suicide
By overcoming fear she helped a honey bee
From book of Radhanath Swami she shared story Do your Karma .
When her first car broke down first time she shown a great Kindness .
She is worried about Covid 19 and suffering .
A day of coincidences was When Nature Guides Her ☘️
She shared How she felt about Nikita Kaul becoming Lieutenant .
She says A Friend – Life is all about the choices we make .
She message Too much ambition is dangerous .
With Hope and Grace Her daughter’s illness and recovery done .
When I actually saw something she shared An Unforgettable Experience .
उसने देखा है Kidnapping is Real !!
The Devil Mind is Covid .
She ask Was That Grace? When she visited to shirdi .
She knows How parental interference affects the marriage of a child .
वो पूछती है to Guru कैसे मैं तुम्हें पाऊँ ?
She says Daag Acche Hain when when she fought with men and challenged their system
She is Living in the Moment with her Friends 
One day she sung song
Hum kaale hain to kya hua dilwale hain?
When she lied to her mom for the first time… The Day I Stopped Lying .
She shared The reason she decided to have a baby .
I got to know about Her special talent of attracting the wrong things in life .
She Got a Unique Gift from Hemanya
I read her A recent experience of grace – The Divine is Protecting Us .
I want to say her मैं कविता लिखा नहीं जानती मगर ये मेरे भाव हैं ❤️❤️

My dear Shalini Ji I want to dedicate this poem to you with immense gratitude and deep respect 🙏🙏 अगर मुझसे कोई गलती हुई हो तो मुझे माफ करना ओ शालिनी जी …..