Muhurat trading कि लग गई है lottery ⭐
लूटो लूटो जितना चाहिए उतना 🌞
Don’t worry about profit or loss 🙄
Suchali Ji will look for everything 😎
She don’t want her office customers to cry 💂
She don’t want herself to cry 🤦
She knows her Brahmastra
She is very Brilliant 🤳
She is very Powerful ✌️
She will Let Off all your Burden and Break Free of the Tangles 🎈
Sometimes she will ask Wanna Have A Birthday Blast 🎉 and then she will say ओ साथी मेरे आ अब लौट चलें…👭
Always she is busy in finding Missing Keys 🗝️
She is cricket lover 🏏 and in Classroom she says WhatsApp me Mom ! 💖
She Worship Devi 🙏 who shows her The Light That Sparkled ! 💫
Her favorite queto is Shake That Booty 💃 Exercise and be ready to get in shape 🦋
Is she interested in someone ? 🤔
Finding Love may something positive in marriage 🌈
She has The Treasure Of Golden Gifts 🎁
One day she asked Can mopping the floor make you well-expressed in a language? 😉
I want to say her Talk to Me, I Want to Be…
Your Lover ❤️❤️

My Dear Suchali Ji , I want to dedicate this little poem to you 😊😊 I hope you will like 🙏With lots of love and gratitude 💖💖