I am lost in the desert of blindness, I hope for only hope , purposeless and without thirst , I call you like a child who has failed you . 

I don’t know what to do , to say , to ask , to be , I don’t like it here , without a meaning , a destination,  a purpose , a hope

Call me to your Realm, punish me as you will , cut me , lock me , tear me to pieces , whatever you feel O Hari 

Being a prisoner at your abode,  is much better than being here , when are you calling me Oh mother !

I don’t mind workjng hard ,I don’t mind giving up sleep , I don’t mind being a slave , when it has all the purpose 

You are the sole purpose of things , I find none on this realm ,  YOU RECIDE IN EVERYTHING , MAYBE LESS IN ME SO I TURN TO A STATUE ,  A STONE ,

when are you calling me swami , 

You are the path , the destination , the desity itself .


Ps: the pic is from Youtube Video on the Om swami channel,  on lalitha sahasranamam and abhishekam