On some winter nights
I switch on the lights
And quietly sip on coffee
As one of my rites
I wriggle under my blanket
And google os.me site
I open your page of poems
And read to my heart’s delight

In nights gloomy and dreadful
Your poems make me hopeful
In nights happy and peaceful
Your poems make me soulful
Your love for the divine
Feels like an age-old wine
I become intoxicated in
What you quill for the divine
Your love for your beloved
Makes me love Him more
Your verses for your beloved
drifts me towards His shore

The truth that you utter,
is so fearless and bold
In a sea full of pearls
You have a heart of gold
What a solace they render-
The poems you have told
To seekers just like me
Who tremble in the cold
I am an old lover of your verses
You may not have been told
They uplift me spiritually
So much hope they hold

This poem is a short prayer
Of love, hope and gratitude
I want to thank you, Sadhvi Ji
For bringing me closer to solitude
A solitude that is most needed
To contemplate on ourselves
A solitude that is most pleaded
To rise beyond ourselves
I thank you for spreading love,
Warmth and peace
And directing us towards
the place where He is.

Image Credit – Nikita Om’s post titled “Dearest Sadhvi Vrinda Om ji”

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