This poem is inspired by two men (of course not to mention Swamiji’s Grace). One is Ashu who has written an article about rape related incidents which wrenched my heart. The second person is Biswa who of late has been writing poems. He has been a good writer since the time I know him. But generally, he writes informative or humorous parody or real-life experience related write ups and not poems. So, I have also tried to write down a poem for the first time with the blessings of Swamiji. Please forgive for any mistakes.


Oh, man I am a woman,

I also have a life and some desire

Please understand my requirements

And support me to aspire

Please don’t glare and stare at me,

I feel uncomfortable with the act

I can also be smart and not a challenge for you

Think deeply, I want to complement you

Don’t abuse me, I also have life,

I may be a daughter, mother or wife.

Please don’t objectify me to satisfy your fantasy

Please don’t remove my clothes for your ecstasy

God has bestowed me with the power of creation

I am doing the same generation after generation.

I also have some wish and I need some leisure,

Where is it written that men should have all the pleasure?

I am not alone responsible for raising kids,

You also need to chip in with your bits.

I don’t want you to worship me,

All I need is equal treatment and dignity.

Don’t shed tears with a hatred heart when I am born

Please celebrate as you do a baby boy comes on

Please don’t kill my soul by raping me at any age

You get away and I lose my life and stripped off my courage

Oh man please do care for me and love me

Because without me you are also incomplete…


Oh, dearest Swamiji, after vividly seeing you in my dreams, I am waiting to see you live on Zoom meet. And thank God the month of May is ending today 😉 and the zoom meeting date is fast nearing.

Gratitude to all for reading the poem. Jai Shri Hari.

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