For me, is Bhagwan’s sanctum sanctorum where I worship Him, express my feelings and devotion for Him. On that note, this is my second post after a gap of about a year.

To start off, last year was hectic filled with ups and downs of my experience in the healthcare business. What kept me sane and hopeful? Swamiji’s love and grace alone. 

Disclaimer: Bhagwan is way too beautiful, way too compassionate and I am way too unworthy of a mortal to even sing His Glories or talk about Him! I am just His ignorant child.

So though it seems ironic, I cannot help but talk only about Him. This is one such post about Him that I am attempting to tell most humbly. I hope it inspires you all to experience Swamiji’s benevolence and love.

First of all, the real business world is unlike anything that is taught in the best B-schools because you deal with real people and real problems. I had huge fantasy like aspirations about how a business would look and feel, after reading books, visiting hospitals/healthcare centres and studying various case studies. While these helped me implement basic tools of business, the experiential knowledge that life taught me shattered my fantasies. But, I haven’t stopped dreaming and aspiring. Instead, I saw the reality and flaws in my thought process.

Swamiji came to the rescue, giving me a new meaning to dream through these lessons in the past year:

Lesson one – Walk the Dragon :

Enter  ‘Walk the Dragon’ (WTD). Through Walk the Dragon, Swamiji introduced all of us to a pragmatic world of business with live examples and answered all our questions— no matter how basic they were. It took me a while to realise the magnanimity of His words.

Also, this reminds me of another incident in October 2018 when I had the chance to converse with Swamiji for a few minutes (my pre-initiation days). I kept replaying that conversation in my head when He helped me figure out the ‘why’ of my business journey. 

Lesson two – Hurdles are ever present :

Even in a basic healthcare setup, the service to patients must be ever consistent and near perfect. There were (still are) many physical, emotional and psychological hurdles to keep the system running. I still keep tumbling to make things right all the while but Swamiji tells us that there is always going to be at least one difficult person or one difficult problem in our life.

Our response to such things makes all the difference. Have I been able to handle everything gracefully? Not entirely.

But, I am learning and sometimes a wake up call from Swamiji stirs things up. 

Lesson three – Tackling people, situations and emotions in the system objectively :

What I did not know about a business is that it is a living entity. Why? Because a business has vendors, customers, and stakeholders—all are living beings with breathing bodies and emotions. When so many people come together, there are loads of differences of opinions and mostly loads of emotions.

Where did I go wrong? I put my emotions in the wrong place(s) and sometimes did not look at people and situations objectively. The number one mistake is to take things personally. By doing so, our personal growth and the health of the business are badly affected. 

As ever, He guided me and held me through the toughest situations. On this note, I have reached the last and the most important part of the post—His all pervading Supreme, ever lasting eternal Grace.

Lesson four – His Supreme Grace which is eternal :

There were one or two extreme stressful situations since one year which almost drove me insane and I wanted to completely give up everything. Though some of the mistakes were entirely mine, I felt deeply insecure, helpless and unsure. 

Deep pain actually brings us closer to Him (Divine). I love the words from 5:16 of this video which explains the relationship most of us have with Him. 

While I was withering in pain, Swamiji opened my eyes through a series of events in my life and I had tough and sane conversations with the people I love. There were tears, there were conflicts but they all led to good business decisions. My loved ones didn’t give up on me. 

And in that extreme pain, I remember calling out to Him with all my heart and soul. Swamiji never ever gave up on me. He never does. He always holds us, as a mother would hold her ignorant infant. 

More on the hard lessons, in another post (maybe). 

Takeaway : 

The real world is hard and sometimes brutal. His four noble truths alone guide us the way Beloved Tathāgata guided His Sangha. Whatever happens in our life is just a conspiracy to bring us closer to Him. After all, all roads lead only to Him.

All Glories to Him!