Oh Narayana , Hey Datta Prabhu
Whatever situation is there please dont close your temple doors for me my lord
Whenever I wish let me have your darshan
You always smile at me when I come to see you
Oh supreme entity please dont close your hearts door for me my lord
I know you always listen me , you always take care of me , you always loves me
I have only your support
Without you I am incomplete
Without you I am nothing
Without you I have no reason to live
I am safe under your divine loving shelter
You are my father and I am your loving daughter
I dont care if whole word dont talk with me , dont accept me
but please my God you never ever stop supporting me
You are my energy
You are my inspiration
You are my life
You always supported me in my critical life time and I know you will always
I beliving in you
I trust you
I need you
Please be always with me nothing I want except this .

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