About This Poem: Ignorance or avidya is the reason of our bondage and all the suffering. It’s like we are blind for liftimes. Only the light of Truth can dispell all our ignorance and give us the ultimate bliss. In its essence, Truth is non-different from God. Therefore, may we all rest in Truth!


A Prayer in Truth

May the light of Truth blind Me.

May all ignorance just evaporate

Like mist in Sunrise.

May my heart throb

With the vibration of Truth.

May my breath

Exhale that Truth to this Cosmos.

May my existence become the medium

To radiate this Truth 

To the farthest reaches of the Universe,

May I 

Rest in Truth! 


P.S: Do you also feel the same? What do you think can give you the ultimate happiness? Do share your views. I’ll be happy to know. 🙏


Thank You.

Image Credit: Unsplash.

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