Koti koti pranaam at Your Lotus feet  Master. Whatever I am witnessing  may it all lead to You. May it all show me the path. I am only writing it on behalf of someone else today. There is a person working in our project as a production manager, a straightforward,  slightly arrogant  and disciplined person. He is near about 48 or 49. One day he came happily to all of us and told a very beautiful thing that he has finally adopted a girl child who is of some months only. We all were very happy at his noble deed. He was so happy that he used to make video calls to his home and showing us his baby girl. It was two months back. Then in his home he kept Satyanarayan puja for the baby. Due to long distance, I couldn’t able to attend it.  Time went by.

  1.                           Then came this day.In the evening  of 30th ,I gave my close shot and went out to have tea. I saw him sitting in a chair  .He was very disturbed. I went near him and said bhai what happened? The hair dresser said his daughter is ill. They have taken her to hospital. We said him to go as soon as possible. I remember him saying I have to take permission from the producer first ,as I cant leave like that. Then I saw him going out in production car. At 10pm I came back home ,took my bath and finished my puja. My co actor called up and gave me this bad news.Didi his daughter is dead. I was speechless. I rang him though I knew that calling him will be baseless. He did not pick up call. Today finally.i managed to talk to him. There was nothing I could say. Somehow I felt  is it possible  that Prabhuji  will just give a glance to the departed child and bless her..Can it be possible?I told him what I felt and he agreed to it. He then gave his daughter’s picture.  I really don’t know whether my feeling was justified. I just listened to my heart.  Reverend  master, pujya Guru ji,please bless the soul  . Your one look will save the departed soul and she will be in much better place. Please forgive me for if ever I wrote anything  odd.  Please  bless the child. Though she is not there physically  I am thousand percent sure  Your one glace will bless her soul. My pranaam to You Master. Sat sat pranaam. In this temporary world only  You are our savior.  What would happen to us if You were not here for us?We are all broken inside. You are the path.A prayer to you.. 2




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