A few months ago I was able to purchase a premium os.me members with my karma earnings and I was uber excited about it. I even wrote a note of gratitude and posted it on this website as soon as my membership was activated.

Later that day when I was checking the balance in my os.me account. I saw something wasn’t quite right. My account showed a balance of – 120 rupees. I was utterly confused and thought that it must have been a technical glitch which would be corrected in time. I didn’t think much of this. But the very next day, when I was checking my emails in the morning I saw an email from the os.me team. The email stated that some corrections had been made in the os.me earnings for that month as initially incorrect balances were credited to our account due to some technical glitch. I thought to myself, Ah! Yes, of course! My account was showing a weird balance yesterday, let me check my account balance now. But to my surprise it still showed -120 rupees balance. And then it dawned on me that I must have made the purchase when the balance in my account was incorrect. Somehow the purchase had gone through and after correction of the balance, I was in a debt of 120 rupees. 

Now, I was in a fix. I don’t have a bank account so net banking is not an option for me. I could’ve asked my parents to transfer the money but being typical Indian parents they always make sure that what they’re buying is worth their money(even if I’m using my saved pocket money for the purchase). Unfortunately, os.me wasn’t as precious to them as it is to me. So, with a heavy heart I wrote back to the os.me team and told them what had happened and that net banking the due amount wasn’t an option for me so they should feel free to revoke my membership. 

Within a few hours the os.me team had sent me one of the kindest emails I’ve ever received. They thanked me for my honesty and said that the system glitch was their fault and they would love for me to keep the membership. I was thoroughly elated at this email but I never got to thank them properly. So, here’s this post as a token of appreciation and thankfulness for our very kind and competent os.me team. Cheers to them!

Thank you for reading this post and giving me your precious time. See you soon 😊