A Refined Being

Are you one? 

Are you a refined human being? Have you ever met or seen somebody whose every gesture, every word, every thought, every act is so refined that they create awe in us? Well, if you haven’t met or seen anyone yet, it’s not your fault. Such souls are indeed rare. Our very own Om Swamiji is one among them. 

By the way, what is this ‘refined’ state I am talking about—you may be wondering. Let’s get things clear a little bit. 

The Refined State

The way we walk, the way we sit, the way we talk or listen, the way we eat or breathe, the way we think and feel, behave and act—in all the ways we express ourselves, when we do all these with such integrity and awareness that the very way we perceive and experience life becomes a rich process—that is the refined state. 

How we talk, how we think—all these show the level of refinement we currently have. One who is aware of one’s ways of thinking and behaving, is a refined soul; because he or she knows how to express himself or herself and knows how to be. 

He or she can talk with compassion, can listen with deep attention, can behave gently, can walk or sit mindfully, can think penetratively, can feel deeply and can love greatly. Isn’t that a tremendous capability? Would you not want to be with such a person? Or, better still, would you not want to be one? 

How To Be A Refined Human Being? 

Do you want any technique? If yes, you’ve not understood my point. Go back and read again from the first line. 

There’s no technique. What meditation would you do to talk compassionately, to listen attentively? What kind of ‘hacks’ will you adopt to think penetratively, to feel deeply? What techniques will you apply to love greatly? 

Just remember two things:

Be Aware: Be aware of the whole movement of your being—how you think, how you feel, how you talk, how you behave—everything. Refinement comes through constant awareness of ourselves. There’s no technique to be aware. You only have to center yourself, settle your mind inside, pay attention to yourself. 

Have Integrity: Integrity is the state of harmony between our thoughts and actions, between our desires and their fulfilment, between doing and being. 

Integrity comes with a great deal of honesty and truthfulness. You have to be truthful in your thoughts and conduct. When you’re like this, you will be able to hold that state of refinement.

Last Words

If you are aware of your ways and have integrity within you, slowly you’ll be refined in every way. The very way you perceive, feel and experience life will undergo a tremendous transformation. Your intelligence will flower and you will be more sensitive to life. 

May all be empowered like this. 

Jai Shri Hari.

Thank You. 

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