It has a been an exceptionally difficult year for most people. Seldom in the history of humanity, do we come across a year so dark, and marked with loss and grief. My life was not untouched, I struggled with a health issue for almost half of the year and this definitely has been the darkest period of my life. When we come to the edge and all other methods fail, our inner strength and our faith comes into play. By Gods grace, I could again see light at the end of the tunnel and right now in the process of healing.

     The biggest takeaway for me from 2021 is that the only thing that matters is health, family and relationships. If we can do our bit to reduce somebody’s sufferings, if we can donate some money to feed the hungry, or provide essential healthcare to the needy, that is the greatest fulfillment that we can achieve in life, and that is the probably the purpose of life. Its said that only the broken ones can relate to another’s pain. Its mostly true, after going through our own loss and pain, we become more empathetic towards others. 

    As we slowly emerge from the virus situation, I pray and believe, the post Covid world will be a better place to live, and then we can all probably be little less harsh outlook towards 2021. 


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