Success-Unsuccessful Relations.

Nowadays it’s so easy to come out or to reject any of the relations…

People have taken everything very easy, the one doesn’t want to take the trouble of mending oneself in the relationship. They think about what will happen if I will leave that person, I can be alone, or else I can have one of my own, better choices.

Are you serious about it? Please think it over again and again… how much you are very sure that the person which you are going to have in your life is going to be better than what you were having in your past….

No guarantee…No Assurity. Let me bring to the notice to you people that, nothing is perfect in this world nor even nearby to perfection, and none of the individuals are the same, you can just expect and think what you want and about your desires…it’s an unending process wherein we are going to land where we are again on the same pace where we were before

Amendments of life with yes and no…
The ship going straight on the water,
The few wavy steps,
We are in love
We are sinful
We are different
Still, we are the same,
on the same roads,
Reaching towards the same journey,
We dislike going alone towards the road,
It’s not our mind who is there with us
it’s our heart to ponder who is between us….
It’s the acceptance and exchange of life….
Happiness and woe are what we exchange…
It’s a relation of 1creator to another creator with bliss and bless……!!
It’s barter…!!


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