Sep 18, 2021 – Day 3

Jai Shri Hari-Ma, my dearest family!❤️

The mind is a constant chatterbox, isn’t it? It just won’t stop blabbering stuff. Do you face the same issue as I do? Lemme share the method that worked the best for me beside mindfulness. Prayer. When the mind has to talk, when it won’t just listen to us and be quiet even for a sec, why not give it something good to talk about, like a Mantra or a prayer!

It is said that if done with proper intention and emotion, prayer becomes our conversation with God/Universe/Mother Divine/Guru. At any given time, a silent mind is the best thing. The second best thing, I feel, is to talk to your Guru/Isht. ❤️❤️

In this post, I am sharing 3 beautiful prayers from 3 religions. All 3 of them are extremely close to my heart and I am drenched in gratitude for He is making me share the prayers here. 

Prayer from Sanatan Dharma scriptures.

This prayer wakes me up every morning 😊😊 Compiled lines from different stotras as taught by Swamiji. Translations might not match with the text. I repeat them verbatim as quoted by Him. Swamiji’s explanation over literal translation, always and forever.❤️❤️ 

दुर्गतावपि जातायां त्वं गतिस्त्वं मतिर्ममः।

यदि नाथं च विज्ञेयं तावतास्मि कृती सदा॥

न विज्ञानापेक्षा शशिमुखि सुखेच्छापि न पुनः।

अतस्त्वां संयाचे जननि जननं यातु मम वै।

मृडानी रुद्राणी शिव शिव भवानीति जपतः ॥

न कामकलुषं चित्तं मम ते पादयोः स्थितम्।

कामये वैष्णवत्वं तु सर्व जन्मसु केवलम्॥

(Hey my Isht! I am not saying that You fix things in my life and set them right for me. Put me on the bed of throns, it’s fine, sweetheart. Let me tread the most strenuous path, that’s okay. But please never let me forget that in all circumstances that You alone are my path, my goal, my destination, my intelligence and my intellect. All I ask for is that in every breath, please let me be by Your lotus feet. If I am able to realise nothing else but just “YOU”, I will be fulfilled and grateful for eternity.

मेरी कितनी भी दुर्गति क्यों न हो, प्रभु, मैं यह किसी हाल में ना कि भूलूँ कि दुर्गति होने पर भी आप ही मेरी गति और मति हैं| यदि मैं आपको जान लूँ तो मैं उतने से ही सदा कृतार्थ हूँ |

I don’t seek pleasures of this world, mumma. I don’t want any Science. I don’t want to understand meditation. I don’t want to understand anything. The only thing I ask of You is that in my every breath, Mother Divine, You should be my mother and I should be Your baby. In all this, I have only just one desire, keep me close to You. Keep me by Your lotus feet. Let me never forget that You are the one for me. With my every breath, I should firmly believe that You are my refuge; You are my sanctuary; I belong to You. I don’t want to gain this learning when it’s all too late or when I am overwhelmed with a sense of guilt and regret. That’s the only thing I ask for. I want to live and die with Your holy names on my lips.

My heart is darkened with desires. I surrender it at Your holy feet, master. May I be only Your child with my every breath. May I always remember Your lotus feet, May I always worship just You. May my mind be established firmly in You and at the end of it all, may I merge in You.

कामना कलुष युक्त मेंरा चित्त आपके श्री चरणों में अर्पित है | हर साँस में केवल आप ही की बच्ची रहूँ, इसके अतिरिक्त मेरी और कोई कामना नहीं है | आप ही के श्रीचरणों को ध्याऊँ, आप ही की आराधना करूँ, आप ही में अपने मन को लगाऊँ और अंतकाल में आप ही में समा जाऊं|)

Prayer from Christianity. Also called, Prayer of St. Francis. I love singing it for Him before starting every chore and every work throughout the day😁😁

Make me a channel of Your peace.

Where there is hatred let me bring Your love. 

Where there is injury, Your pardon, Lord  

And where there’s doubt, true faith in You.

Where there’s despair in life, let me bring hope

Where there is darkness, only light 

And where there’s sadness, ever joy.


Oh, Master grant that I may never seek

So much to be consoled as to console

To be understood as to understand

To be loved as to love with all my soul.

(This has been my favourite prayer since I was a little kid❤️❤️ Thanks to the Convent school where I was sent.💮💮

In this lovely prayer, the seeker is asking to be in Lord’s service. Bringing joy, love, faith, hope, light and pardon is something only His grace can do. By being the harbinger of these to living beings, by serving them, we serve our Master. The best stanza, however is the last one. May I don’t seek that people should understand me only then I will understand others. I should be consoled first and only then I will console others. It should never be like first I should be loved by others only then will I love them. We are praying to Him that we may serve others unconditionally. This equates beautifully with the 2nd principle, निर्मलता (purity of heart), that we got to nurture in us in order to attain the Divine. You can listen to it here! Go to ‘Hindi Event: Attainment of Siddhis – 2. 16-Mar’).

The 3rd is a Dua (Prayer) from Quran. This one stays on my lips throughout the day❤️❤️ 

“ऐ  दिलों को फेरने वाले, मेरे दिल को अपने दीन पर जमा दे। काम ले मुझसे, परवरदिगार। हिदायत की तौफ़ीक अता फ़रमा।”

Translation: Oh the One whose grace turns the hearts back to home, please set my mind firmly on the path of dharma (not what I feel is dharma but what actually is dharma according to You, set me firm on that). Take work from me. Make me an instrument in fulfilling Your purpose and make me a puppet and work through me. Teach me, train me, mould me, make me as You deem fit. Grace my life with Your instruction and guidance at every step with every breath).

The last one is magical. It works wonder. Try it someday if you feel like to! 😍😍

Love and Peace! Be safe in Her lap and in His arms! ❤️❤️