In your matted hair, oh protector, I find extreme peace.
In your lotus eyes, oh lord, My pains seem to ease.
With a wave of hand, you change the course of our lives,
You only, oh Rudra, are the air I breathe !

For you, oh beloved, my heart seem to beat
With you, oh Guru, my mind feels complete,
If Only, I could come running to you;
The one thing I need is a place by your feet.

Your lap, oh mother, is the refuge I seek;
Your arms, oh father, is the shelter for weak,
Only you, my king, are the holiest being;
You, they will find, in my heart if they peak.

I see you, so clear , your eyes seem to shine,
Your beauty, is beyond, any words can define,
Rudraksh, that sits on your tall-proud neck;
Oh, my supreme, your form is divine!

When I lose myself, in your glories and names
I see, my worries, burning in flames
My ignorance melted in your piercing gaze;
You, are Reason, for the Meera I became!