A few weeks back, a thought came to my mind. I realized that if I try my best to follow and practice a righteous life in this material plane of existence, then according to the law of Karma, I may end up in a better place in after-life, if such a place exists, or, I may get a better birth in my next life.

After-life, or law of karma cannot be proved or disproved, they may be the truth or just some abstraction, but, what wrong can this approach of considering this life as a test can do to us? A test of life, where we have to conduct ourselves in the best way possible.

To consider life as a test, or challenge, where we use every opportunity to be righteous, is not a bad approach, even after having no faith of getting any rewards, Divine grace, or a place in the upper realms for being so; for, through righteous living, one only expands their heart, and gives space not only for themselves but they also consider the good of others.

This way, one is only bound to become more stronger, more content, and one may be able to create a positive difference in this world like by attending to an ailing soul, a hungry soul, etc.

The peace, the joy and the contentment one gets through these deeds is reward in itself, and by adapting such kind of approach in life, we may really find ourselves in a better place some day.

When individuals feel and act selfishly, they become blinded and lose foresight for their highest good; they think because they will get more pleasure out of it, it is good for them.

For example-they perpetually try to fulfill all their needs, desires(most of which are whims) via their money, and, they do not want to share or donate; they want to eat more of their favorite dish for it is tasty to their tongue(greed for gratification) and thus deep in their hearts they don’t want to share it with others, etc. All this because they have become blinded by selfishness.

Such scenarios are all around us. I have acted in this way in the past and perhaps you’ve too. But, what people in general have forgotten is that when they’ll share their money, resources, time and energy not only for themselves but for others as well, with a pure heart unhinged by negative impurities stagnating in the deep recesses of their conscience, they will actually be more happy in life.

Such is the force of Maya- it befools us into believing that pursuit for self-gratification is the highest order of happiness. People need to understand that, when you know love, you want to keep a balance of your desire and needs, and the needs and desires of others as well. I will love to know your thoughts on this post.