A river flows right from the middle of my heart.
Where everything stops but only life breathes.
Time and again, time wins the game of life and mocks the mere mortals.
Time goes, always, but at the river it stops and sits beside me to observe the tranquil, gentle flow of water, sitting there with its mouth open, awestruck, feels defeated,
“How can the river be everywhere, every time?”
A gentle, sharp breeze flows, brushes the strands of my hair to the right, when I look at time and it is breezed away, away from me, far away.
The river is stoic, it just always flows.
The mind disguised as sun is setting in the stoic , all inclusive river, the sun rays touch the surface of cool water and sun blushes in red and orange , with every breath it sets, inch by inch into the river.
The river chatters, murmurs, whispers, but only to the one who listens, only when time stops and blows away, only when it flows from someone’s heart.
The river praises the sky
“The sky intakes everything….
All of the water and all of the fire, all of the earth and all of the air, all of the good and all of the bad, all of the life and all of the death, all of the stars and all of the light, all of the boons and all of the curses, all of the virtues and all of the sins, all of the compassion and all of the hate, all of the anger and all of the love, all of the dreams and all of the reality, all of the happiness and all of the sorrow, all of the lies and all of the truth, all of the light and all of the darkness, all of the day and all of the night, all of the sun and all of the moon, all of the living and all of the dead, all of the riches and all of the rags, all of the kings and all of the peasants, all of the thoughts and all of the hopes, all of the manifested and all of the desires, all of the gods and all of the demons, all of the intelligence and all of the devotion, all of you and all of me.
The sky intakes everything, just everything….
…..but it doesn’t swallow, everything dissolves in its throat and becomes blue.
The sky is Shiva who has taken the poison, but sits in the utmost stillness, between life and death, between hell and heaven.”
Uplifting my gaze towards the end of vision, I find the river to be a part of the same sky.
The river and sky meet,

only when time stops and blows away,
only when the river flows from someone’s heart.
I sit here and the river flows, just flows
I sit here and the sky beholds, beholds everything.
The river has all the answers,
but only when time stops and blows away,
only when the river flows from someone’s heart.

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