The real meaning of this quote can depends on various pro’s and corn’s. But, using the book’s and soul’s equal proportions. It can be said, life can be unfair sometimes. Books provides us with knowledge and soul provides us with wisdom.

Without having the right proportion of knowledge and wisdom. A person can look like an half eaten cake. Which bring us back to the topic. Where one should read books for the vast source of knowledge and develop their notion on wrong and right. Knowledge or education can play a major role in one’s life.

One can easily differentiate a well learned person in the crowd of many. When, wisdom comes into picture then it’s all about the dominate traits of our ancestors which we want to excel. Comparing a book with soul, sometimes can be tricky part. Just for example ‘vastu’ can be something which needs a lot of awareness and observations which can be only felt and sense by soul. Books can wash away our natural ability to think.

Soul is nothing but a figment of our thought. Which is able to decipher the hidden message’s meanings. It’s great to have a room with books and more beautiful if you are able to channelize the knowledge which work for your soul and body. Keeping the mind balance with knowledge and wisdom.

Maybe, that’s how a man gets refined with time and patience.