Is it true that the grass is always greener on the other side of the lawn? Or the plate of others is always full or the partner of another person is always better than yours.

There can be N number of examples that can be taken, but the question remains the same, is it our perception or our way of upbringing that we always try to find flaws in everything. Can’t it be like not judging always and just keeping a sense of requirement low?

People don’t even enjoy a season as they come, always complaining if it is raining then why is it raining and not sunny. If it is sunny and warm then why is the temperature not adequate and why clouds don’t cover the sun if it snows why is it so cold. Please give god a break.

The question is when will we stop cramming and start accepting the situation as it is. Though tough but not impossible. When will we realize that if the thing is in a certain way they ought to be a reason for the same? But humans have a quality to question. Question everything and if that comes at a cost they don’t mind.

we are the highly intellectual race and we understand what the power of faith and determination is. We with time have developed what was once considered to be impossible. From landing on Mars to the conversation of fuel from hydrogen. We have airconditioned homes and all-weather facilities. This is the reason for what we can imagine. Danish quote over here provides the fact that necessity is the mother of invention. And when we are preparing adequately for anything it gives us the power to develop and increase our faith in the human race and face any adverse situation.