Of late I have come to understand that small small stories impact our mind and heart much deeply. A big, very big, shastra-reading, or sanskrit shlokas or any serious type of stuff which an intellectual brain easily grasp and relishes, a pauper (intellectual ) like me fail to even understand it fully. Even Swamiji, who always keep in mind our limitations, teaches in such simple way. 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

Today I share one such small story which has left a big bang effect on me. Inside me, my life is so peaceful inspite of all the bla bla going around.

Once a very sage like king, having no vices, very kind and caring happens to suffer with leprosy. He goes to his Guru and says,

” I have not done any wrong to anyone. Why then God has made me suffer this disease? No one likes to come near me….”

Guru tells him –

“Rajan, due to some past life karma this has happened.”

King – “Is there any remedy gurudev.”

Guru – “yes, there is one. You see here is a prostitute living near by. For 30 days you have to go to her place during night and come out in the morning, without explaining anything to anyone. This would cure you.”

The king follows Guru ‘s instructions. And to his surprise his skin starts to heal. As he continues, slowly his skin heals completely, except for one small patch of disease still present.

After 30 days he visits the Guru and narrates his experience of healing. But he is surprised that why a small patch is still present. His Guru starts to explain the whole thing –

“Hey rajan, you are a kind and sage like king. When the whole of your people found you visiting the prostitute, they started to criticise you. Rumours started taking rounds and false stories cooked up. They easily forgot all your good acts and noble character. You became the talk of town. Your one deed was enough to attract so much false criticism. Moreover, you didn’t try to defend yourself, despite laced with power and resources to stop them. Hence all the false criticism which you got despite the fact that you were innocent, this cleared you of your past life bad karma. Your skin started to heal. And your misery has ended.”

King says, “Gurudev, now I have understood this part of law of karma. But, why one patch of disease is still present?”

Guru tells him politely,

“The whole kingdom took part in the false criticism except me. I knew the truth. Hence a small patch remains. If you want, even this would go away.”

King bows down in reverence and prays to him, ” No Gurudev. I will bear this for the rest of my life. ”

Well, for me the take away is very powerful as well as effective. I have trained my mind with these one or two thoughts

a) my misery my karma. No one
to be blamed.

b) more I am criticised, knowing well that i am not at fault, better for me. I give myself this thought that my past wrong doings are getting cleaned, cleansed and cleared. 😊

It is working wonderfully for me. I have regained my mental balance which once was going only south ways .

Such small spiritual stories are a big support and have the power to change directions.

Jai Shri Hari 🙏🌹