A smile planted on a long lost face 

Is all it takes 

The world turns upside

Not just for the receiver

But the giver 


Is grace.

Forbidden happiness 

returns with an embrace 

A touch of kindness 

and a shimmer of faith 

brings life 

bubbling to its surface.

May Bhagwan’s grace 

please all, who walk His way 

The world of struggles 

turns into a magical one 

beds of Tulips 

purple, yellow & grey 

in surrender 

lightly sway 

How I wish 

like an abandoned ship 

none ever be lonesome 

like I once was 

and still do 

in moments of despair

This smile planted 


journeys through eternity and beyond

spreading its fragrance all through the way 

knocking all sorrow 

making everyone merry and gay 

May Bhagwan’s Grace 

fill this New Year 

with His presence 


like celestial buds 

of unseen un-known flowers 

sweeping us off the ground 

leaping into His world 

leaving behind ours 

we forever stay humbled 

in a Cozy corner 

Of His magnanimous heart!!


O Dear Lord,

A humble wish

is surrendered 

waiting to be kindled 

hurled into your mysterious world!!

All glories to the ever graceful Swami ji  and cutest Bhagwan Shri Hari ji !! 

P.S The feature image shared by a  devotee with a kind heart, inspired me to write these verses.