वो है मेरी स्वीटू
बोलती है वो मिठू मिठू
उसको पता रहता है हर सवाल का जवाब
उसको मालूम है हर एक दिल का राज़
वो है मेरी प्यारी बहना …अहना ❤️❤️

Is she The Confused Seeker 🤔
Do we really know anything about anything? 🙌
I had goosebumps when I read her story – The Night of Devi – Her spiritual awakening and getting over her worst fear story 😮
Is She Being Completely Honest? 👍
Did she try to lie to Swami 🙏
When she had a Glimpse of Her Ego
What truly is this fabled “Ego” that needs to be destroyed for self realization?🤔
Another miracle in her life When the Divine makes little things in life easier 😇
What is She Trying to Escape? 🐣
I loved her Musings of a 20 year old escapist when in crisis 🙇
Her A few productivity tips to set up your daily routine helped me lot Getting back on track! 🙋
Question Fearmongering her What happens to religion when fear is left out of the equation? 👩‍💼
Is her house help an undercover spy? 👀
When her wish came true she got A Christmas Gift 🎁
She ask In Winter Woes Can I go for hibernation, please? ⛄
A tryst with the Lord The time she visited her ancestral temple 🕉️
Pristine forests And her love for them 💚
Her Pesky pupper is so sweet 😍
Her Covid story – The only time being positive isn’t fun! 😷
She shared her Experiencing the mystery of Jagannath Puri When the lord did not let her in ⚛️
Losing her Purpose and finding it again 🔧
I got very inspired by seeing her haircut 💇
Next day I went in parlor and told to do same cut but they did my टक्कल 😳
One day she started beating me later I understood she is not beating she bet with me 🤝
I got admitted in hospital when I caught with Laughter Mania because of her 🐵

My Dear Ahana ,
Whenever I type Ahana it automatically comes like Bahana 👭
My sweet little bahana I request you please consider this as my A Heartfelt Thank You Note ✍️ 💖💖
Though you have put your nickname as Ahana you will be always Sweetu for me like a Bangali मिठाई 😊
ये दिल मांगे मोअर…आहा 😀
This song is for you ❤️❤️…Hope you won’t beat me after listening this 😋
Lots of love and Cherries to you 💖💚💛💜💙💝🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒

Audio link is shared in comment box 😊❤️❤️

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