I had wanted to write this post since a long time but could never make it. I was wondering how to compact all the gratitude I have in my heart into a single post. After all, these are mere words. Will they ever be enough to express my thankfulness to Swami ji and to each one of you in this lovely community? I think, NO! But then my heart is no more able to contain it for long.  So I am finally posting this.

On the month of May, I received an announcement mail titled ‘The Big Decision’ where Swami ji officially handed us his divine pen (access) with which we could publish our thoughts in this platform. Being a writer, I have written articles for other platforms and magazines too. But there is something unique here. I felt very elated and special after reading the mail. How can someone not feel special when given a chance to write in Om Swami’s blog?

I have never met Swami ji in person. I have always known him through his books, youtube videos and blog posts. The first time I learnt about Swami ji was through one of His youtube videos – ‘Dhyan mein anubhav’ (Experiences in meditation), which I had found so relatable and resonating that it urged me to watch His videos further and order His books.

I am not qualified enough to define or describe Swami ji’s greatness and kindness. But ever since I have known about His existence in this 3D, I have been grateful to the universe for His divine presence. And when He gave us an opportunity to express our thoughts, I was indeed thrilled with joy. Whenever I see the option ‘Share Your Truth’ in my profile, it rejoices me. It inspires me to be more truthful and honest with my words. We can freely share our thoughts, opinions and stories over here, and the only beautiful condition for it is to write our truth.

By that time, I had begun writing spiritual poems (after getting inspired by Sadhvi ji and other Bhakti saints) in my diary. But I had no solid platform to share them. And when Swami ji gave us His divine access to os.me, I could connect the dots. I realised there can be no better platform than this for expressing all my spiritual musings.

So the first poem I posted here was ‘You walk like the wind’ ( dedicated to Shri Shri Maa Anandamayi) which is also published in my book ‘Songs of the cherry blossom’. Then I posted some other poems dedicated to Maa. My gmail got flooded with beautiful and inspiring compliments from the community members. I don’t know how to put this into words, but you all inspired and motivated me so much that I continued writing more and more poems on Maa.

Never ever in my life I had imagined that I will receive so much love and appreciation for my spiritual musings (as I had thought this was the last thing people will read in my writings). My poems actually made them feel. It made a difference to them. And this was a driving force for me to keep writing more and more. And I believe, or I can say I know that this can’t be anything other than Swami ji’s grace. It is for this platform only, that I realised my words and emotions for the divine mother has some meaning and they are capable of touching people’s hearts.

Then when Swami ji announced that he would share a part of his earnings to every author here for their hard work, I was more than happy. I would like to be honest here by saying that my earnings were the second reason that drove me to write more, as I am a mere human being, and my mind is still gripped by worldly desires. But getting paid for expressing your truth is altogether a different and beautiful experience. Nothing can ever be compared to this. It indeed gives a sense of fulfilment.

I am a member of this beautiful community now, so I am able to take part in comments and discussions. And I express my deepest gratitude to Swami ji for blessing us with such a kind and truthful community. By His divine grace, Truth and Kindness flows here like a river; and every time I take a dip in it, I feel more rejuvenated and inspired.

I also want to thank each member of Swami ji’s family for making me realise the worth in my poems and inspiring me to keep writing more. Each and every writer of this community inspires me and makes me believe in goodness and divinity more and more with each passing day. Thank you so much to all of you for being a constant companion. Love you all from heart.

Yours truthfully