With a sinking heart, I have realised that sometimes it is not really the person speaking but the wrath in them which spells doom for them as well as others. Sometimes it is misdirected anger which creates misty circumstances and further leads to more problems and misunderstandings. But is the misdirected anger the main issue to stress upon or the person who has anger issues?
If you must have gone through my short read namely THINKER/WRITER, you must have guessed by now that today is the second day of disciplined writing. Since morning, I have been anxious whether I will able to keep a few minutes of my procrastinating wheel and get my hands on the writing task. I think I have accomplished a goal for myself (at least for today). Today’s read is about how one act of anger of a third party can have a huge impact on your life.
While listening to a podcast THE STORIES OF MAHABHARATHA by Sudipta Bhawmik and Avi Ziv, I found an element to share with my readers. Why does one has to deal with others’ opinions and actions even if they themselves are not directly related to that person?
It is the occasion of Rajsuya Sacrifice and the coronation of Yudhishthira in their own kingdom. Every king and prince is invited to the occasion to celebrate the coronation with pomp and show. Krishna along with his elder brother Balrama is also invited. When finished with the first phase of the sacrifice, Bhishma Pitamah asked Yudhishthira to pay homage to the most significant person in the room for concluding the sacrifice to which Yudhishthira further asked him with reverence as to whom he should pay homage to. Bhishma Pitamah said just like Sun is the brightest among the stars so is Krishna amongst the guests assembled here. Yudhishthira with immense pleasure accepted the great words spoken by Bhishma Pitamah. Sehdeva made the announcement owing to which someone seethed with anger and rage inside out. Shishupala, the King of Chedi Kingdom, who was to become the husband of Rukmini but was abducted by Krishna and later on married him.
All the hatred inside Shishupala grew a thousand fold when he heard the announcement of Krishna being chosen as the most important person living amongst them, worthy of being worshipped and paying homage to. He indiscreetly challenged the decision taken by Bhishma Pitamah. The ambience turned from celebratory roars to deathly silence. The air in the room suggested that something inevitable, something dreadful is about to happen.
The rest is yet to be listened. Stay tuned for more stories with contemporary context.
The coronation party of Yudhishthira. The abduction of Rukmini by Krishna. The lady kidnapped and married off not in sight. But Shishupala still found the audacity to challenge the decision of Bhishma Pitamah. Shishupala, who was trying to find the opportunity to avenge the act by Krishna but alas! wrong timing. He felt ignored when he found that Krishna is as calm as the ocean in the pandemonium of his roars. The rest of the eminent personalities remained calm like Krishna and that is when Bhishma spoke that let Shishupala and his companions bark as dogs because Krishna is the one whom every being worships and anyone who opposes Krishna is good for nothing. Shishupala’s anger knew no bounds. He got furious like an enraged elephant and called upon his destruction. His calling the worshippers sycophants, calling Krishna a sinner on many levels, questioning every elder about their actions, out of context added fuel to the fire for the audience.
For every mistake committed by him he was to be pardoned for 100 times but with the beginning of his 101th mistake, his death was inevitable and that too by Krishna. Well, that’s a story for another time.

Shishupala lost his life, thanks to his long tongue and big mouth. Likewise, one who speaks irrespective of their surroundings, their rank in the seating are sure to meet their end. Not by being killed, well that would be illegal and criminal but in other ways. For instance, by being stopped in between thus losing their respect in the respective crowd. Maybe by being thrown out of the place with extreme rudeness. Or just by being asked to shut up and step out of the premises. But only and only if one does choose the wrong time and wrong place but with the right story.
A lesson taught by Shishupala for the beings living in Kalyuga.