Remember reading Panchatantra in your childhood or hearing a sound story from your nani ma or dadiji !!

What a sound feeling it has been and an unforgettable experience
of childhood.

Stories have always been a medium of learn with fun for all of us. You may read one, ten hundred or thousand stories in an year
What you will find observe is a common expectation or desire …. within yourself..

An expectation of happy ending !!

It’s like it has become compulsory for a story to have A #peaceful_hapy_ending
Which is far away from our #reality

This reminds me of a short story…
A popular but sarcasm one
Dadima used to say
Ek tha raja ek thi rani
Dono mr gye khatm kahani ….

( There used to be a king and a queen, Both died, story ends)

After hearing a common reaction be like ..
Why? How?
There should be a plot …There should be hero ..Or love or fight and what about that ladki ke papa ko manana …#ddlj

I put forth this here for a reason..

Just question yourself
Why do we expect a roller coaster thriller with all possible ups and downs in a life of a movie character
While when the same scene same reality happens in our own personal lives we regret.

After this imagination
I feel that if odds have always been in my favour …. firstly I would have not been writing this 😂 as ….I would have been a girl with no experience !
Challenge define us and put forth to next level.

The truth is :
जीवनरूपी रसोई में हर मसाले का अपना महत्व है!
साहब अगर मिर्ची कम हो या नमक ज्यादा तो खाने तो तजायेदार ( मज़दारन) नहीं कहा जाता!

It’s like we have made a particular pattern of alignment for a thing or an event to happen in a certain way .

Ddlj me
Ja sanam jeele apni zindagi
Yh khna ya
Kbhi Khushi kbhi gam
Amitabh Bachchan ka मान hee jana ……

It’s like
Yh to hona heee hai
.( One can dectate this even without watching full movie)

This much is our mind attached with #happy_endings

( If not then director will imagine his movie to be a flop buster -lol)

Can’t that dadima tail be like ..

एक था राजा एक थी रानी 

रहे जीवन में फूल काटे धूप व पानी

पर बस दोनो ने एक थी ठानी

खुशी with संतोषमयता के साथ जीकर

ऐसे करनी खत्म है अपनी कहानी!



इसलिए जीवन में या कहानी movie में

Happy ending हो या ना हो 

पर *संतोष* अगर हमारा हमसफर बना हो then वो story तो definetly होगी 

#happy_peaceful_ ending

Fir chahe ddlj ke kajol ki train hee kyo na bhale choot jye !!

So do you want to have a life with happy sorrows ( without contentment) or one with sad contentments( happy with what you have what you are) ? …

What do you expect? Surely let us know in comments !! 

Jai shree hari 😊❤️🙏