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Cultural preservation and destruction starts at home itself. I have seen many a parents who struggle with their children once they become adults. They complain that they are too insensitive and irresponsible etc. But if you go back the same parents never bothered to put values in them. All they cared was about material and academic success. Many a time me being 29 , I have seen Cultural negligence of my elders. How they care only about material possessions, many a times I have been shut up just because I tried to put a sense of Cultural awareness in them. I remember back in our village , a family diety is worshipped every year in Hemant ritu ( around nov). From childhood I have seen people of our kula ( ancestry)gathering once a year , worship , yagna and bhoj was served that day to the whole village. This continued and as I grew up I never bothered to see what did they do in yagna or worship , of course I would be present there the whole time. And I am very keen in learning traditions and values but I had little knowledge to comprehend what’s going on. Recently I visited the event last year. Suddenly one of my uncles asked me do the yagna for the event. ( I had been following Ancient Science of mantras for a few years by then.) A few of my uncles knew that I could do yagnas. I said ok so I sat down with all the elders near the vedi. Our family had a purohit (called yogi) who had done all those rituals for generations. But a few years back he died and his younger brother started to come to event for priesthood. That day also he was present there , my uncles said that we won’t ask him to stop or go , so you just sit down besides him as soon as he completes the preliminary rituals , you start the yagna chanting. So I sat down and saw , (the preist ) made a wrong swastika , he chanted some broken mantras which were phonetically wrong. So asked my uncle who was sitting besides me to let him continue. So I saw the whole yagna he performed, which was utterly wrong from all perspectives and he did complete it in 2 mins. With 2 or 3 ahutis and asked all others to put their share of one ahuti and be done with it. That day I saw , the Cultural deterioration with my own eyes. I saw how no one knew what that preist did. No one even bothered to care about it. And how generation after generation this event shall slowly loose its value and one day be abandoned. That pained me a lot. I have seen people of this civilization (the only surviving ancient civilization) turning their eye away from it.
Thanks to Swamiji for empowering atleast seekers like me with some vedic knowledge in form of books and sadhnas. That we have some hope of transferring it to next generation.

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