One fine moment video of our existence will stop,life will capture us still in its frame, from a player mode we will convert into a picture mode…

Life can capture us and our loved ones any moment,so till the time ours players playing,love whoever’s is around you, instead of seeing there imperfections embrace them…love to “Love” not to prove…

Like  Swamiji says love is only his philosophy what does he mean by that is just to love without any barriers just love…and if we can just love we dont need any other philosophy or teachings…all the spritual practices are just to reach that state,so we can love freely..

Like Kabir says…pothi padhi padhi jag mua,pandit bhaya na koi,dhai Akshar Prem ke padhe so pandit hoye….

Meaning: “Entire world is engrossed in reading scriptures but no one has become “learned”.The one who understands two and half alphabets of love,attains the “Wisdom”…

Love and light 🤗💫🙏❤️..

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