Couple of years back, on Guru Purnima when one on one meets would happen during events, I was to meet Swami ji. Almost unplanned, I was there but really needy of His guidance. 

It was time, morning discourse was done and we, the devotees and seekers assembled. And here I was thinking what will I say to Swami ji! What would be best to say in short! I sat next to Yagna kund which is on the left side of the temple. I just love to spend time there, I make sure to spend at least few minutes there when I am at ashram ❤

I thought of taking a flower for Swami ji. I had nothing with me! I looked at few flowers blooming in the garden, right side of temple.

But Naah!

I give flower to Swami ji after plucking it from His own garden!? And it’s such a painful act to pluck flower for me unless it’s really necessary. 

What-to-do? What-to-do? What-to-do? 

God! I was nervous! 

Tanvi, prostration and salutations are enough! –  A Thought sneaked in, in my head space! 

Yes! I was planning to offer prostration to Swami ji. I always feel and believe every time I meet Swami ji or go to the ashram that this is my last visit! 😂

Sri Hari loves to prove me wrong in that particular thought and belief! 🤣🤣🤣


I must prostate to Him what if this is my last meeting with him! It’s alright I don’t feel devoted to Him Or have emotional and devotional attachment to Him yet. What if when I have such feelings but don’t have chance to meet Him. At least I would know that I prostrated to Him when I had chance. It’s alright if feelings and bhava comes later! 

Tanvi, prostration and salutations are enough! – same thought sneaked in! 🙊🙉

Oh no! If He does not accept gifts or anything out of his principles, to honor his principles, that does not mean I have to be chill about it. I still want to offer something! He accepts flowers and fruits and sweets! 

Flowers, the only option! 

I sighed! 

God! I don’t want to pluck a flower!!! 


What about a postcard? 

Oh no! I got no crayons! No colors! 

Ahhh! Damn!

😓😞😓 sighs!!!  😞😓😓.

With a pen and paper in my hand.. I drew a Lotus! 

After the third try to get the most perfect symmetry of petals on both sides… Huh! 

Oh well… It looks decent.. 

Wow… It’s plain…. 

And with a blue pen… And a paper with lines on it! 


This I am gona offer Him! 


God! But I must offer. This could be my last meet. And surely so!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sri Hari……. 💕

What if I am never to meet Him again. I am going to do a prostration and a penned flowers. It’s best for a last meeting than nothing at all. Plussss I am not plucking a flower! Wow! I love that part of it! 😍

But this is so plain! God! Hope when I go in to the meeting room and greet Swami ji I will chupke se (stealthily) 😜 slide it under one of the many flowers that must have been offered at His lovely feet! 👣 and hence it’s offered and not even seen by Swami ji.

Plain flower on a plain paper with a pen!

Alright then that’s the plan! 😎… Slide it under one of the flower right after prostration as I greet Swami ji! Perfect for a Last meeting! 

My turn to meet Swami ji…🤩

Phew…more sighs 😞😓

I went inside… 

It’s all going as per my plan… 

Prostration… 🙇‍♀️

And now I rose to greet Swami ji..

And here the tiny paper with tinier lotus drawn on it!

Here it goes under this flowerrrrr….

rrr…. rrrrr… rrrr…. 




I see a pink hand approaching for the tiny slip with a lotus drawn on it in my hand…!!!! 


Me… Breathless…! 

Swamiii jiii…… 😯😦😮😱😢



Swami ji……..this-is-just-a-paper-with-a -lotus-penned-on -ittt!!!…… ( I thought within) 

Wait for it…

He took and held the little paper in his hand…. 

Looking at it He said, 

“Very Ecological!”…. Cheerfully in a very joyous tone with a gentle giggle underlying! And His smile and his eyes said the rest and those 03 seconds Swami ji spent on looking at it closely and then He kept it next to Him on his right with some more papers laying there! 😇

It was first time I had this exchange of words with Swami ji, of course I had no words to respond to Him. 

And then other thing that happened during that event…It’s silly and serious at the same time…and that is for next time and soon! 🥳

Jai Sri Hari 😊

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