Continuing from where I left of yesterday . Above is the picture of the healthy kitten who led us to the  hideout. 😊😊. I don’t know why but the pic doesn’t come clearly when seen in the iPad. Its clear in the phone. Incase someone is having trouble seeing the kitten and only seeing greenery.  

20th November 

In the morning we saw that the mother had taken the healthy kitten and was sitting in the sun. The injured one was still alive!! She was desperately trying to follow the mother but because she was so weak she kept falling down. The mother just looked at her and walked away.- I could have cheerfully slapped the mother that day. Couldn’t she see the struggle of the kitty?? We finally picked her up and put her near the mom. The other kitten was feeding from the mom. This one was just softly crying- maybe the vocal cords had been affected. We waited for the mom to leave and then picked up – “Hope” as I had named her  🙂 and put her in the verandah. We would put milk on the floor and she would lick that. The whole day my son and I took turns in guarding her and feeding her, but couldn’t see much improvement. We even tried giving her haldi in milk which she refused to have. That evening again we put her in the box next to the hideout.

21st November 

In the morning we saw that she was not in the shoebox!! Yay!! Mom had taken her in. When someone said -“ don’t be too happy maybe the tomcat took her and finished the job” :(:( .Now we had to wait till 10 o’clock when the sun rays came in the backyard. The most torturous wait. I saw my son loitering around the prayer room. I asked him, what was he doing there- he said that he was just checking to see if the prayer room light was on – “in the morning”?, I asked. 😳😳. I guess he didn’t want to admit that he had been praying for the kitten. Finally at 11 o’clock we saw the mom walking by with both the kittens behind her. “ Whew!” What a relief. But still Hope was not able to walk and kept falling down. It seems as if her foot was injured too. Now we waited for the mom to leave and then again got her to the veranda to feed her. I was still feeling guilty- are we prolonging her suffering- she wasn’t improving much. The moral dilemma was killing me. One senior member of the family said – “you are becoming attached to the cat – why are you doing this – after you go don’t expect me to feed the cat – I don’t want to create any new attachments. We are supposed to cut down on our attachments in this world”. Again I started feeling- am I doing something wrong?? In the evening we saw the mother followed by 2 kittens going to her hideout. Agreed Hope was falling more than she was walking but every time she made the effort to get up and walk. My son said,”ma if she is not giving up- then neither should we”. But still, all the above mentioned thoughts plagued my mind. 
Any feedback on my moral dilemma is welcome 
To be continued…… if you want to know what happened to Hope 🙂