For some reason I am not able to show the kitty walking out on the iPad but you can view it on your phone. Please do try to view it on the phone. 

23rd November 

Every morning we rushed to see if Hope was there in the garden.  As usual she was there, but very weak. We waited for the mom to leave and then got her to the veranda to feed her. But this time we gave milk in a cup and she was able to drink it. Progress finally!!. Every 3 hours we would feed her wherever she was sitting. It was sight to see my son feeding  her holding the bowl and lecturing her about the importance of eating healthy. 😂😂. I think she drank the milk just to shut us up. And whatever milk was left was polished off by the other one. She seemed  much better by evening and tottered behind her mom to their hideout. But still she was weak.

24th  Nov – on going out we discovered that all 3 were sitting in the garden.  But for some reason the mother didn’t leave after feeding.  We waited till 12 in the afternoon but finally gave in  and went and placed the milk bowl next to her. The mother kept hissing at us but didn’t attack.  When we went for the evening feed we discovered that all 3 had disappeared. Maybe the mother had panicked and taken them to a safe place.  Now we were worried if she took Hope with her. Again the worry started.  Was she safe with mother or abandoned because she had seen us giving her milk. And of course I had the smug relative telling me- “told you not to increase your attachments , see how worried you are”. 

25th November- When I went out in the garden my husband told me that Hope had come alone even before the sun was properly shining.  As he was walking there he decided to give her warm milk. I was shocked- my husband is not a animal lover. He also gave her a biscuit crumbled properly.  When I asked the reason for this change, he sheepishly replied-” if you both can do so much, the least I can do is give her milk.”

As soon as she finished her milk she walked – yes-  walked out of the garden and through the grill of the gate to the main road.  I was shocked and petrified that she will get hurt by some car, so quickly got her back in the garden.  After 2 minutes again she was out of the gate. My husband told me to leave her, that  she needs to learn how to survive.  ” You have done your duty, leave it to God”.

Well,  All’s well that ends well. She brought lots of tension and happiness in our lives. Watching Hope walk out of the gate – I had the feeling of a proud mom sending her child off  to school. 😊😊. Hope you all enjoyed reading  the articles as much as I enjoyed sharing my experience with you all –  My OS family.  
PS- Hope visited us yesterday, had the milk we offered and went for her daily walk around the locality. 😊😊