Climate is changing rapidly today,

UV rays are now ruminating on Ozone like hay,

Global warming is melting the snow,

Our Planet Earth is losing its homeostatic glow.


Rivers are throwing garbage back at us,

The sky is turning darker as if giving a curse,

Mother Earth is drying with the absence of joyful tears,

As we are not her only children, but one of the peers.


Mother says, “You are the most intelligent among all,

Yet You are the ones staging your staggering fall,

Such ignorance in you that you are digging your living grave,

Then simultaneously thinking of ways to be saved?


 Don’t act too smart as if you know how to help me heal,

For how can the one who tries to kill, help you heal?

How can the culprit try to see and feel?

Don’t try to heal me,



For you will only think of things which will satisfy thee,

I have many children to look after and see,

Just spread awareness, improve and let me be,

Then within no time I will heal and expand in glee!” 


Finally, the exams have ended, and I am feeling ekdum Jhakaaz!! It feels so good to finally post a poem on

 It is indeed a special poem and it always will be, the message I got, was as if Mother nature was taunting and scolding me but in a very sweet manner, she is way too generous needless to say that. The message I got through this poem is personally eye-opening for me. 

Thank you everyone for taking out your time and reading this poem, take care and wear masks and stay safe! Thank you once again to everyone on this platform and To Swamiji and Mother Divine! Have a Jhakaaz day ahead!!