Prelude: Please note that the reading time for post is 2-3 minutes; however, there are six tracks of cumulative 45.4 minutes of Western Orchestra Music. Suggestion is to have your earphones connected as you read the blog and have access to YouTube on a good network connection. Thank you.

The entire process of creation of a musical track was, and still not known to me in its entirety. The reason for me to understand the process has roots in a rather very disparate subject. Being a technical professional, a question – where and how something new is created by a team in short time, a.k.a. prototype ? – motivated me to explore the process of creating a musical track.

Little did I know that I will learn a lot more while searching for answers. Leadership traits for achieving a performing team are very well known. Some of them include:

  1. Humility.
  2. Identifying, nurturing and growing talent.
  3. Establishing a Performing Team (Motivated, Energized and Enjoying their responsibilities)
  4. Challenging team to outperform themselves.
  5. Providing opportunities to each and every member to excel.
  6. Recognition and celebration of successes.
  7. ….

Over the lock down period, Yanni came to my attention while browsing through YouTube. Not just his own skills and the music he creates; as I listened to more of his tracks, it dawned on me that he is an exceptional Leader. It was a coincident that most of the traits listed earlier could be clearly seen in action in just few of his tracks. Further details in blog are my attempt to highlights some of the Leadership traits as demonstrated in his Live performances, that have been recorded and available on YouTube. 

In my humble view, Yanni is exceptional human being besides being an accomplished player of Piano and Keyboards. His humility and talent of his team is evident in World Dance.

If you love Saxophone; Playtime brings out how Yanni has challenged his skilled musicians to outperform themselves. The jugalbandi between Saxophone and Violin is worth a watch.

The talent of his musicians is outstanding. The instruments being played and level of difficulty can be appreciated by visible efforts of the musicians in “Prelude.” Another track titled “Nostalgia” is perhaps most difficult to play on Piano…Master reveals himself while playing the Piano. Watch Prelude and Nostalgia to appreciate the musicians and Leader.

Challenging the team, motivating them and enjoying in the process are all hallmark of For All Seasons. Sounds of Flute, Violin, Harp, Percussion, Vocals and most of all, Trumpet make up the ensemble. Innovative production of sound and equally demanding skills too are on display.

A unique combination of jugalbandi between Violin and Vocals On Sacred Ground with beautifully rendered line “Let your Life Shine Deep Down in your Soul” is a masterpiece by Yanni and his team of musicians. 

And, finally, the team gets inspired by any Leader who “Walks the Talk”. Keys to Imagination is yet another demonstration of talent that Yanni is, this time on keyboard.

Did you notice the feedback occurring between the Leader and team members just through eye contacts? At times, a musician sought feedback while most of the time, Yanni proactively provided the same. All of them are relaxed and enjoying while focused on their play – very significant for a performing team.

Hope you enjoyed the music along with leadership of Yanni. Sincerely wish the experience brought a smile on your face and much needed energy. 😊

Stay Safe, Stay Protected and Stay Blessed, always.

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