Jai Jai Shri Radhey Shyam
Jai Shri Hari

I offer my obeisance to the divine in you.

Today instead of sharing some thought or some experience or an incident, I’m trying to express my little thanks to the most important and big personalities with whom my existence exists. 

I hope by reading the title you got the complete idea of those personalities. Yes in everyone’s life their existence is because of their parents. Today is my parent’s 22nd wedding anniversary, that’s why I’m writing about them. I hope Mumma Papa you are reading this too. 
I’m lacking in making sentences by these little words to express my thanks to the ocean of affection. Mumma Papa I’m your son and yes I’m blessed to have you as my parents. God could gave me birth somewhere else but he chose you because he want me to walk on his path. I personally felt that without the blessing of parents one can not walk on the path of Shri Hari. I thank you for giving me such beautiful sacraments and I also thank Shri Hari who gave me birth in your family. 
Today is the anniversary of the beautiful couple whom I have ever seen on this earth. In my parents I see my Shri Hari and Shree Mata, that’s why I don’t need to do seva of Hari and Shri Mata much because they are near to me in you, so I just wish to do your seva till my last breath.

My parents gave me some lessons in childhood, they too are indulged in seva of Shri Mata, by seeing them I got this desire that I want to do the seva too. That’s what we all have to do, to change our society we should change ourselves so by seeing us our coming generation will learn what we are doing, by seeing our family some other family will try to do same, that’s how we can have a good society. It’s very important to live a happy life which can give happiness to others too. Whether we are getting happiness or sadness we should thank Shri Hari always the divine one. 

When someone says to me “Mata Pita ki seva se kyaa milega” , I always say that “Jo Shri Pundlik ji ko mile the vo mil jayenge( Shri (Hari) Vithala). I hope you know the story of Lord Vithala in Panduranga. If not let me tell you in short.

What Parents Seva will give?

There was a village in Maharshtra  named as Panduranga. There was a man named as Pundlik, a simple village who knows only one thing that my parents are my God, and doing their seva is my only work and dharm. He was completely devoted in his parents seva. Once by seeing his pure devotion to his parents The Nirakar Lord came in the Sakaar form of Shri Hari, that time Pundlik was doing massage of the legs of his parents, Shri Hari said from back Pundlik see I’m here. Then Pundlik said: Who are you and why you came here(without looking at back he is doing massage of legs of his parents)? Then Shri said that I’m Shri Hari and I’m happy by seeing your true devotion in your parents and I came here to give you my darshan. Then what Pundlik said: Oh I don’t wished for your darshan, but If you came here okay take this Brick(Int) and sit, Shri Hari said that you don’t want to look at me. Then Pundlik said: Ohh Shri Hari I’ll complete the massage of legs of my parents first, because this seva forced you to come here. From that day Shri Hari is still standing on that brick(Int). Initially Shri Hari was called by the name of Ithal there but by the time the name was screwed up and everyone started calling him Vithal. See this is the power of doing Seva of Parents only which made Shri Hari to came. That divine is in everyone, by doing anyone’s seva you are doing the seva of that divine only.

“Again I thank my parents, and I wish the A Very Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary.”

I pray to divine that they bless me with their grace so that I can do the Seva of my Parent my Shri Hari and Shri Mata.

Sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings.

Jai Shri Radhey Shyam
Jai Shri Hari