I had a thought to myself today. Felt like sharing with you all.

“You switch on your TV, you hear stuff that’s negative. 
  You open apps, you see people in slimmer bodies,
  shinny makeups and you let yourself down for not
  being beautiful.
  But, understand, there are things happening around
  like a beautiful Sunflower growing to the calm waves
  meeting the shore.
  Every day, the sun keeps rising and the beautiful
  sunsets are always there to visit. 
  It is all there. They are happening. You just need
  to believe that.”

There is chaos around us. We are tormented by news, deaths, hatred and problems. But it is important to make ourselves aware of this from time to time. Just as I am sharing this with you, even I am reminding myself of this. It ain’t easy to handle everything at all, but, it takes a small belief in ourselves that is enough to pass each day not just smiling but living.

I know it takes courage but, we know we have it in us.

Also, don’t forget “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!”

I hope this makes you feel good about yourself. Take care. 


(p.s- I am sharing my drawing as a featured image from now, whenever possible.)

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