A sudden Rain started overpowering the beauty-outside;

I was a silent listener. 

In the midst of all, I asked myself, “What am I thinking right now?”

I found myself already captivated with some emotions. 

I traced its trail. 

It led me to a thought. 


A thought.


A thought which already had started its drama.


With utter curiosity I asked, 

“Where are you coming from?”

“Where are you going?”


It vanished without making remarks.

But left a momentary calmness in my sphere.

It felt heavenly!

And I was wanting more.


Next few minutes I did the same with a chain of thoughts.

But I was unaware of a thought which already had fixed its root.

I tried harder.

I asked it to go.

My mental agitation carried its uneasiness to my physicality.


I wanted to open my eyes, 

I wanted to get up, 

I wanted to get rid of such thought-hunting. 


But another appeared and told me,

“This is what you have to win over.”


In the midst of such mental chaos,

I again asked myself, 

“What am I thinking right now?”


I got hold of that troubling thought. 


“Where are you coming from?”

“Where are you going?”

And it vanished again and left me with utter calmness.



When the next thought occurred,

I was aware of its nature.

I whispered,

“Thought, you are not good or bad; right or wrong; 

You are just a thought, and you are empty”


It then vanished again with its root.


Rain was over by then;

Sky got a cleaning.



P.C: Unsplash.com

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