Life comes in all the flavours, isn’t it? Some are dark, some are pleasant. Some make us cry, some make us smile. We should appreciate the beauty of life with an open eye, not hating any aspect of it. Only then can we live a complete life. 


🍁A Time For Everything


There’s a time to smile

There’s a time to cry.


There’s a time to live

There’s a time to die. 


There’s a time to win

There’s a time to lose. 


There’s a time for everything—

Life comes in all hues. 


You decide what you want to make out of it:

Rain or rainbow, cloud or sunshine;


Doesn’t matter. Whatever label you give it—

At the end, it’s all gonna be fine. 


You are here to live, not to judge;

Not to complain about what’s right or wrong.


You are here to work out your karma—

To be free, and never to come along.


Therefore, work for your mukti;

And that of others.


You’ll be blessed for eternity…

And nothing else matters! 

Thank you.

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