Like a wave in the ocean I run towards You with all my might
I see You standing on the shore, and I long to touch Your feet
But just like a tiny little wave, I retreat back in vain

I cry and keep running towards You,
over and over again

Seeing Your tiny little wave, You inch forward with all Your mightiness,
Your love has no bounds…

This time I run towards You again
with all my might and a little more

lo and behold! I get to touch a little bit of nail on Your toe
Oh I’m ecstatic, absolved, purified, loved

Alas, the moment is lost as I see myself retreat again

I will spend the rest of my life, this, and the next, and the next..
like the tiny little wave running towards the shore
forever longing, hoping to catch a glimpse of You..

even if for just a moment..