Those of you who don’t know, my father suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident in November of 2020. And he has been paralyzed from the chest below. (including the hands). He stayed in the hospital for eight whole months, where three months he spent on the ventilator. Two months back he was discharged so weak, with 4 degree bedsores, 3cm stone in his gall bladder, and tracheostomy in his neck.

We were so damn scared of getting him home because his oxygen level used to drop many times. But due to a shortage of funds (we all know how expensive it can be to stay in hospital for 8 months), we had to bring him home. So, we arranged an ICU set up at home for emergency situations and crossed our fingers that God will save us. 

My father due to his long stay in the hospital was depressed. He slept a lot for 10 days and didn’t talk to us. He could not speak due to the weakness and my heart was exploding with pain seeing him like this. He frequently got a fever, and in those times he would get so scared that he might be taken to the hospital again. 


After 2.5 months of him getting discharged, I can finally see a ray of hope. HIS RIGHT HAND MOVED!! It’s a very small movement, a very small accomplishment, but it’s a beginning, beginning of a new era I would say. It is all because of the blessings that all the people have showered upon us.. Keep on giving the support to us and any kind words from anyone of you are like a blessing to us. 

Thank you all for your support. Praying for further recovery and I will keep you all posted. 

Much Love <3 

Jai Shree Hari !