Anita was a young woman in her early thirty. Bob, her younger brother was visiting with her. Completely unaware that they were going to travel next week to a new country, he was sipping water from his cup. Denmark was what they  chose. Early that morning, they sat in the living room to discuss their plans. For a few hours they were brainstorming their ideas.Grand were their plans. How  they were going to finance that trip was of course another story. Instead of focusing on the difficulties they might be facing, they concentrated on all the possibilities that lay ahead. Joining forces, they were able to come up with a lot of wonderful ideas. Kristen, their mother, came into the room to check if they needed something. Leaving the comfort of her kitchen she offered to make something to eat  for all of them. Light lunch was what she had in mind. Mother, they exclaimed, that sounds wonderful. Nothing short than a miracle could make these two people…..


Sorry dear readers but I ran out of time to keep going. I found this new writing exercise very liberating. We were not asked to write a story just sentences. I found myself connecting the sentences together. Being able to that in such a short amount of time felt quite fascinating,liberating and amazing.

 Take a deep breath, Let go and watch what unfolds😉