Come to think of it we all have that so called True Friend. Well we all have a certain group of friends, and certainly it is not possible that whole group is your friend. For example if you have a group of 5 friends then not necessarily those 5 people are your friends, In that 5 people group you may have 1 true friends or 2 or 3 if you are the chosen one. 

Everyone will pertain to be your best friend but not all are. You can only know who is your true friend in your hard times. There’s no other way. And you must also know that your Bestfriend is not your true friend. When i say that your best friend is not your true friend, which means you can also have fake best friend. They are the dangerous because u relay on them in your hard times but they leave you when they don’t see there profit in that friendship and you get caught off guard. And because u didn’t chose your friend carefully u get left all alone in your hard times and then you feel lonely, sad, and all. That’s why you need to chose your friend carefully.

Sometimes, you may feel that no one is your true friend. And that’s alright Sometimes it’s good to have no friends than having fake friends. you must learn to live on your own, you must learn to be happy with yourself. If you are going to get desperate for a true friend then there is less chance u going to get one, But if your luck is not on your side and your looking for a friend then you might end up having more fake friends. You don’t make true friends they just happen to be their when you are in your hard or difficult times, And because that person was their he is worthy of getting called as a true friend. Always remember, every fake friend is not going to help u when you need the most But the true friend will always help you or at least try to help you but he will put efforts to make your life easy. Not like a fake friend who will always use you, tease you, insult you and then leave you when u need him the most. A true friend will always try to help and try to tell u what’s best for you.

And it’s not necessary that you all have a true friend But you must not also hangout with fake friends. By hanging out with fake friends you are just wasting your time. That’s why you must learn to live alone and try to be happy with yourself, So even if you don’t have friends you will be happy. To have a true friend you must need to try to be a true friend. That means help someone without any condition, think always good of everyone, and all. So now if you have a true friend always be with him and try to grow together, and if you don’t have any then don’t worry you must try to be self efficient, You must learn to live without friend so when you have a friend you can help him in his bad times. Always try to help everyone unconditionally.

There is a very famous quote of swami Vivekananda,

“In one’s greatest hour of need one stands alone”.

Try to be someone else’s true friend If you don’t have one.


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